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Online coaching for expatriates by video-chat

Expat coaching is based on cross-cultural-awareness without targeting specific culture. Short online coaching sessions enhance the mental capacity of self-organization and communication in a social and cultural environment which differs from the own cultural background.

Executives – Professionals – Students – Accompanying persons

Expat coaching is an online coaching solution by video-chat that takes into account the specific needs of expatriates to

  • prepare an assignment,
  • solve problems of professional communication related to culture and acclimatization,
  • overcome a situation of destabilization,
  • prepare the return.

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expat coaching online coaching video-chat
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An online coaching solution for Xpats in English, German and French

Expat coaching is a personal development measure for expatriates seeking cultural orientation and improving their ability to communicate in the international context. Now as an online coaching solution for Xpats in English, German and French.