Make an appointment for online coaching

Making an appointment is very easy and user friendly

By clicking on the button “appointment” you will be redirected to the online booking and payment platform* . If you are not yet registered, you will be asked for your name, e-mail adress and credit card number during the first registration process.

While booking you decide on the duration of the online coaching session and of the price. If the session lasts less than expected, then the price is revised downward.


make appointment online coaching



Prices for online coaching

Flexible cancellation 12 hours in advance free of charge, 50% afterwards

The terms of sale and the data protection information will be provided during the registration process.


payment online coaching


 *  The platform for making appointments and payment is called “der Button”. It’s managed by CoachFox GmbH. Contact information, terms and conditions and data protection information are available on their website

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