Preparing for assignment abroad

Preparing for assignment abroad with online expat coaching

Get the overview, feel confident an reach your professional goals abroad

Living and working abroad means getting along in a very different social environment, meeting people with different communication rules. Living and working abroad can be destabilizing because you leave your usual environment while facing various uncertainties about expectations, the rules of communication at work and in society. Preparing for assignment with expat coaching facilitates the international assignment.

preparing for assignment
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Expat coaching complements country-specific training

In many cases, not only the expatriate working abroad is directly affected, but also his family, the children, his life partner. Added to this, expats are dealing with unavoidable areas of cultural friction, the pressure of expectation on the part of superiors and colleagues, as well as perhaps one’s own health and family adaptation problems.

Expat coaching in the preparation phase helps to:

  • get an overview of all private preparations,
  • mentally prepare for the other culture, not just linguistically, and develop intercultural competence,
  • strengthen cultural awareness for better communication with colleagues and subordinates,
  • clarify your own expectations on site,
  • clarify your own role abroad, what do others expect from you?,
  • bring your performance in line with expectations of clients and colleagues,
  • clarify expectations of the life partner or children and find good solutions,
  • maintain work-life balance on-site.

Online expat coaching by video-chat uses very efficient communication techniques to successfully prepare you for your overseas assignment within a few online sessions. You will strengthen your confidence and leave with a good feeling for your next career step.

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