Working as expatriate

Working as expatriate and succeed with expat coaching

The two most important skills that will make your success as an expatriate are intercultural competence and communication skills. The expression of both factors is very individual. Therefore expat coaching will help you, because it is tailored to your personal needs in order to improve your intercultural competence and communication skills.

working as expatriate
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Because you are unique, expat coaching is tailored to your needs

Expat coaching complements country-specific training. Expat coaching is integrated into the expat process, into the daily work routine. Strengthened intercultural competence and communication skills alleviate the side effects of destabilizing situations at work abroad and in a foreign cultural environment.

Expat coaching helps to:

  • improve performance through intercultural competence,
  • find your own way around a different social environment,
  • successfully communicate with people of other cultures with other communication rules,
  • develop communication and action skills in an intercultural context,
  • increase psychosocial stability and resilience in an international environment,
  • assess risks in the international business environment,
  • act solution-oriented in an intercultural context and arouse creativity,
  • combine professional success and privacy without losing the worklife balance.

Increase your intercultural communication skills to improve qualitatively collaboration and performance. After all, projects and collaborations often fail due to a lack of social, communicative and intercultural competence.

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